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Alerts & Recommendations

Intelligent Product Alerts and Recommendations
Once the AI Operations Assistant is enabled for your account, alerts will be updated daily and appear under the To-Do list in the Alert & Recommendations component of the Operations Assistant page.
Below is an overview of the of the available alert types, along with their default timeframes, frequencies & thresholds that trigger them.
AI Operations Assistant
Alert Type
More Details & Recommendations
Account Health Risk
Day-to-day for specific Seller Central Account & Marketplace
At Risk, Critical or Deactivated Status
Common reasons for suspension include issues with product listing quality, customer complaints, and policy violations related to shipping and handling. Address specific violations and request a review of the account from Amazon's seller support.
Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) Increase
2-week comparison: past 14 days compared to 14 days before
Any increase in ACoS
Check Ad Conversion Rate, Cost per Click, and Revenue per Click before optimizing ad campaigns.
Advertising Spend Drop
Week-on-week rolling 7-day comparison
Spend drops to 0
Investigate payment method issues, ad disapprovals, and changes in advertising campaign settings.
Bestseller Rank (BSR) Drop
Day-to-day drop for a specific category on a specific marketplace
Any drop in BSR
Review competition in the category, check listing accuracy, ensure high-quality images, review pricing, and optimize for keywords.
Buy-Box Rate Drop
Day-to-day for a specific Amazon marketplace
Any drop in Buy-Box Rate
Check listing accuracy, monitor competition, ensure competitive pricing, consider offering promotions or discounts, and improve shipping speed and delivery options.
Category Benchmark Alert: Conversion Rate
Daily comparison of a product's conversion rate (= Unit Session Percentage on Amazon) with the conversion rate of its product category (main and sub category depending on availability)
When the product conversion rate is at least 10% lower than the category conversion rate benchmark
The category benchmarks are calculated across thousands of products and made available for main and sub-categories where available. The conversion rate calculation is made up of the unit session percentage, the closest available proxy on Amazon to traditional conversion rate calculations.
Conversion Rate Drop
Week-on-week rolling 7-day comparison.
A conversion rate drop of more than 10%, where Conversion Rate = Unit Session Percentage (the Amazon equivalent of classic ecommerce conversion rate)
Review product listing accuracy, ensure high-quality images, monitor competition, ensure competitive pricing, optimize for keywords, and improve packaging and shipping speed.
Inactive Product Listing
Day-to-day for a specific marketplace
Active one day, inactive the next day
Check Seller Central for notifications from Amazon, review the product in line with Amazon policies, and check the Autopilot Inventory Page for an overview.
Low SKU Profit Margin
Last 8 weeks
Below 5%
Review costs, review product listings for accuracy, ensure high-quality images, optimize for keywords, consider diversifying the product line or expanding into new marketplaces.
Low-Stock Inventory
Based on the latest Amazon FBA data
Estimated days of supply are less than the lead time
Check estimated days of supply remaining, minimum quantity that should be reordered, and maximum shipping date.
Pricing Health
Day-to-day for a specific marketplace
Same product available at a lower price on Amazon
Review pricing strategy and consider lowering the price.
Product Listing Health
Based on the latest product listing data
Listing Strength Score is 5 or lower
The product listing strength score is a score out of 10, based on factors such as space and keyword utilization across the listing Title, Bullet Points, Description and Search Terms (Backend)
Product Rating Drop
Day-to-day for a specific marketplace
Any drop in Product Rating
Review customer feedback for common complaints, review supplier choice and manufacturing process for product quality complaints, respond to customer reviews, and encourage positive reviews.
Zero Advertising Spend
Last 8 weeks
Spend is 0
Investigate payment method issues, ad disapprovals, and changes in advertising campaign settings.
Autopilot Account Disconnected
Day-to-day for a specific seller central account
Seller central Autopilot authentication was revoked
Re-authenticate relevant account via Autopilot settings page.