Upgrading to the Full Operations Assistant Scope

Enable new insights by upgrading your Seller Central authentication

The upgrade option is available for sellers that started on the Basic Financial Reporting Scope and want to upgrade to the Full Operations Assistant Scope in order to receive all available insights from features such as the AI Operations Assistant - including product rating, inventory and product performance data not available in the basic scope.

The current scope of you Seller Central account is showing on the Seller Settings page, with the Basic icon shown along with the Upgrade button if you are on the Basic Financial Reporting Scope and the Ops icon showing if the account is already on the Full Operations Assistant Scope (see screenshots below).

How to Upgrade:

1. On the Seller Settings page, click on the Upgrade button for your Amazon Seller Central account connection

  • The Basic icon indicates that this connection has not been upgraded so far

  • The Upgrade button allows you to initiate the upgrade process

2. Confirm the new scope of data access in Amazon Seller Central

  • Once you click on Upgrade, you will be redirected to the Amazon Seller Central login page or directly to your account if you are already signed-in

  • The consent page will ask you to grant Autopilot access to the data outlined in the page description by clicking on Confirm

  • As outlined on the page, this includes the previous data consented to (e.g. Product Listing) when you first authenticated to the Seller Reporting by Xapix application, plus the additional access required for providing new reports and insights (e.g. Amazon Fulfilment)

3. Confirm the successful connection on the Settings page

  • The successful upgrade will result in the Ops icon being displayed instead of Basic

  • The Upgrade button will no longer be visible

4. Revoking Access

You will now see the Operations Management by Xapix app listed in Seller Central under Apps & Services > Manage Your Apps: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/apps/manage/

  • You can revoke access at any time by clicking on the Disable action for the Operations Management by Xapix application

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