Brand Voice Input

For further customising Listing Recommendations

With the Brand Voice Input feature, you can refine our AI-based listing recommendations by tailoring them to your brand's unique voice. This ensures that your product listings are more consistent with your brand's image and tone.

Steps to Adding Your Brand Voice:

1. Go to the seller settings page to start adding your Brand Voice data

2. Map Amazon Brand Names to Your Preferred Spelling:

  • Why It's Useful: Amazon product catalogs sometimes have inconsistencies in brand names

  • What You Can Do:

    • Link any detected brand names to your preferred spelling

    • This is great for merging various spellings, variations, or legacy brand names into your chosen current brand name

3. Choose Your Preferred Formality:

  • Why It's Useful: Some brands like to be more informal than others depending on their target market. For German listings (and other languages that will be rolled out in the future), this setting is essential as there is a big difference between formal (Sie) and informal language (du).

  • What You Can Do: pick from two options

    • Formal: Ideal for a professional, authoritative tone

    • Informal: Best for a friendly, relatable approach

4. Describe Your Brand Voice:

  • Why It's Useful: A description can provide a richer context, ensuring the tone of voice aligns better with your brand's essence

  • What You Can Do: Add an optional description, up to 600 characters, that encapsulates your brand's voice. This will help our AI deliver more accurate and tailored listing recommendations

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