Generating Recommendations - Child ASINs

How to generate listing recommendations and review them

Recommendations can be generated within the Listing Performance Screen. The screen can be accessed from the Top Listing Optimization Opportunity component, from relevant Product Listing alerts in the Alerts & Recommendations component or for any of your products from the Products page:

  1. After clicking on Optimize Listing Performance, recommendations are generated and start appearing next to the current Title, Bullet Points, Description and Search Terms as they are made available

  2. Keywords included from the Keyword Bank are highlighted in blue

  3. In order to proceed, accept at least 1 listing element (e.g. Title). Alternatively, you can also:

    • Edit the recommendations: the pencil icon in the bottom right of each recommendation allows you to Edit the recommendation before proceeding

    • Reject specific recommendations: a feedback dialogue will appear for that item, asking you to send useful information back to us so that we can learn and improve recommendations on the next try

  4. As long as at least 1 listing element recommendation is accepted, you can click Proceed to move on to the final review before submitting to Amazon

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