Best Seller Rank Decline

BSR (Best Seller Rank) plays a pivotal role in product discoverability and overall performance on Amazon. A decline in BSR can affect both sales and product visibility. This alert suggests that it might be the right time to refresh your listing, incorporating new keywords to rejuvenate your product's rank.

How to Use the Alert:

  1. Activation: Upon receiving the alert, you have the option to act immediately

  2. Action: Click on Generate Recommendations to initiate the listing update process

Criteria for Alerts:

To ensure relevance and reduce unnecessary notifications, the alert system is designed around specific parameters:

  1. Time Frame for BSR Calculation: BSR averages are assessed over 2-week intervals

  2. Consistency in Decline: The product's BSR should exhibit a decline across three consecutive 2-week intervals

  3. Significance of Drop: Each observed decline between intervals should be at least 20%


While the system provides alerts for both main and sub-categories, it's worth noting that the Top Listing Optimization Opportunities section in Autopilot will primarily focus on the more crucial sub-categories, ensuring you get the most actionable insights.

As always, these alerts are then ranked by potential profit impact - with top opportunities shown in the Top Listing Optimization Opportunities section, and all alerts available in the Alerts & Recommendations component.

Simply click on Generate Recommendations to initiate the listing update process

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