Empty Listing Attribute

The Empty Listing Attribute alert surfaces products that are completely missing one or more listing elements. As an Amazon listing can be published without Bullet Points, a Description or Search Terms, it can happen that these are neglected.

With each element allowing you to include relevant keywords for indexing on and some giving you the opportunitiy to make your product more compelling to users, these are "no brainer" opportunities that can only benefit with an update provided by Autopiot.

How the Missing Listing Elements alerts are triggered

With low Listing Strength score alerts covered separately, we surface Missing Listing Element alerts for products that are generally well optimized but are completely missing specific elements.

As always, these alerts are then ranked by potential profit impact - with top opportunities shown in the Top Listing Optimization Opportunities section, and all alerts available in the Alerts & Recommendations component.

Simply click on Generate Recommendations to initiate the listing update process

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