Keyword Opportunities

Optimize Backend Search Terms within Seconds


Keyword Opportunities empower you to enhance your Amazon listings by filling unused space in your Title and/or Search Terms (Backend Keywords) with high-ranking keywords in just a few clicks.

How to Use

  1. Alerts: on the Operations Assistant page, look for Keyword Opportunity alerts. These will show at the Child ASIN level in the Top Listing Optimization Opportunities component and in the Alerts & Recommendations component (for all alerts) under the Product Listing > Keyword Opportunities alert category

  2. Review: Click Optimize / Take Action to see the suggested before and after changes to your Title and/or Search Terms

  3. Accept: once satisfied, click Accept to proceed to the final confirmation window. Alternatively, you can Edit or Reject the suggestion

  1. Submit: as a final confirmation, click Submit in the final dialog

  1. Monitor: the submitted optimization status will now be available along with other optimizations in the Monitoring component


Automatic Space Utilization

  • Detection: Autopilot scans your title (max 200 characters) and search terms (max 250 bytes) for available space

  • Efficiency: Never miss an opportunity to fill every available byte with high-value keyword

Data-Driven Keyword Selection

  • Algorithm: Our system uses a sophisticated algorithm to select keywords from our Keyword Bank

  • Customization: Keywords are chosen to fit precisely into the remaining space of your Title and/or Search Terms

Instant Keyword Opportunity

  • Alerts: Receive immediate notifications when there is an opportunity to optimize

  • One-Click Action: Review and apply suggested keywords with one click


  • Maximized SEO: Fully utilize your keyword allocation to improve search visibility

  • Simplified Process: No more manual keyword research and testing. Our system suggests, you approve.

  • Speed to Market: Implement the changes and update your Amazon listings instantly

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