Listing Strength

The Listing Strength alert is designed to highlight products that exhibit a low listing strength score, signaling opportunities for optimization using our recommendations.

Every product listing has potential areas for improvement. A strong listing doesn't only showcase your product effectively but also ensures it reaches a broader audience. The Listing Strength score is a reflection of how well a listing is optimized based on several key factors. Identifying listings with a low strength score can pave the way for significant improvements.

How the Listing Strength Score is Calculated:

The Listing Strength score is not just an arbitrary number. It is a calculated metric that takes into account:

  1. Space Utilization: How effectively the available space in the listing is used

  2. Keyword Utilization Potential: The extent to which relevant keywords are integrated across the listing elements, maximizing visibility and search relevance

As always, these alerts are then ranked by potential profit impact - with top opportunities shown in the Top Listing Optimization Opportunities section, and all alerts available in the Alerts & Recommendations component.

Simply click on Generate Recommendations to initiate the listing update process

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