Optimization Status Overview

Optimization Status Overview

Submitted to Amazon 🕣

This status means the changes have been to submitted to Amazon but we have not yet confirmed whether they are live or not.

Rejected by Amazon 🛑

If we detect that the submitted changes did not go live within 24-48 hours, we flag the Optimization as Rejected by Amazon. The reason for the changes not going live may differ from case-to-case.

The following are the suggested next steps in line with Amazon Seller Central help center:

  • If you are not the brand owner, you may need to provide proof supporting the suggested changes to the product detail page and therefore have to contact Amazon Seller Central separately to provide this

  • If you are the brand owner, ensure you have registered the products in question to your brand

  • Otherwise, if the suggestions made to the registered ASINs are not displayed, it is recommended that you contact Brand Registry Support

The relevant Amazon help center article can be found here

Live on Amazon ✅

Good news, with this status we have confirmed that your changes went live!

By clicking on the View Impact button, you will see the Product Performance graph within the Listing Performance screen, allowing you to track the performance impact of the change on KPIs such as the product conversion rate, units sold, sessions and category benchmarks.

Please note: this currently does not flag changes to Search Terms only.

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