Parent ASIN Optimizations

Optimize Multiple Child ASINs at Once

A Parent ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) acts as a container for Child ASINs, grouping together related product variants. While the Parent ASIN itself is not directly listed for sale on Amazon, it plays a vital role in organizing associated Child ASINs and provides a base structure for the product listing.

The ability to optimize at the Parent ASIN level offers a streamlined way to manage multiple Child ASINs. By using this optimization mode, you can make changes to the Title, Bullet Points, Description, and Search Terms that are then cascaded down to all associated Child ASINs.

This feature utilizes editable templates with placeholders like [SIZE] and [COLOR] for variant-specific data, automating and simplifying the process of keeping multiple listings coherent and optimized.


  • Auto-Cascading Changes: Edit Title, Bullet Points, Description, and Search Terms for all Child ASINs at once

  • Templated Recommendations: Use editable placeholders like [SIZE] and [COLOR] for placing variant-specific data into the listing

  • Submit Multiple Changes to Amazon: Changes propagate automatically to all associated Child ASINs and related SKUs, with the option to deselect specific Child ASINs if necessary before submitting them all to Amazon in one go

How to Use

  1. Click on Optimize All Child ASINs in the Top Listing Opportunities component or on a specific Parent ASIN on the Products page

  2. Generate and Review/Edit the Recommendations

  3. Submit changes directly to Amazon

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