Submitting Optimizations - Parent ASIN Level

Confirm and submit changes to Amazon across all Child ASINs

  1. Once you have reviewed the templated recommendations and clicked to Proceed with at least 1 listing element update, you will move on to the Confirm stage.

  2. The Update Child ASINs button is enabled, confirming how many Child ASINs will be impacted by the change (as 1 Parent ASIN can be mapped to multiple Child ASINs).

  3. The table below lists the exact changes to each listing element that will be submitted to Amazon per Child ASIN, thereby detailing the variant specific data coming through [COLOR], [SIZE], [STYLE], [PRODUCT_TYPE] placeholders shown in the previous step. Specific Child ASINs can be deselected in the table if you would like to exclude them from the optimization.

  4. The Go Back to Edit button can be used to make more changes before submitting.

  5. Clicking on Update Child ASINs will then submit the updates to Amazon. If accepted by Amazon, the changes should be live within 24-48 hours. The status of the submission can be monitored in the Listing Optimization Monitoring component.

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