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The Keyword Bank


The Keyword Bank is an integral part of Autopilot's Listing Optimization feature. It automatically injects highly relevant Amazon search terms into your Autopilot listing recommendations to enhance product page views and conversions. In the optimization flow, keywords added from the keyword bank are highlighted specifically using our Keyword Injection Indicators, as shown in the following example.

Features and Benefits

1. Keyword Bank

What is the Keyword Bank?
The Keyword Bank serves as a repository of Amazon search terms, specifically tailored for each ASIN/marketplace combination in your portfolio. It's designed to improve the relevance and performance of your Amazon listings.
  • Automated Keyword Ingestion: Ingests around 200 Amazon search terms per ASIN/marketplace combination
  • Ranked Keywords: Keywords are ranked based on their likelihood to click and convert, utilizing data from multiple sources
  • Automated Keyword Tagging: Adds an extra layer of brand safety within the listing recommendation process by excluding terms that users are searching for but that you would not want to include in your listing, such as competitor brand names
  • Increased Relevance and Conversion: The Keyword Bank enhances the performance of your Amazon listings by automatically injecting highly relevant keywords that users are searching for on Amazon
  • Brand Safety: The automated keyword tagging mechanism ensures that your listings remain clear of unwanted words

2. Keyword Injection Indicators

  • Allows you to track which keywords have been automatically injected into the listing recommendation.
  • Offers deeper insights into where top-ranking keywords from the Keyword Bank are placed within your listing.
  • Enables you to pair high-ranking keywords with compelling content, designed to maximize conversions.

How to Benefit from These Features

The Keyword Bank and Keyword Injection Indicators are built into the Listing Optimization feature. While you can't directly access the Keyword Bank, its influence is evident in the listing recommendations you receive.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to Listing Optimization: jump into the 'Listing Optimization' process within the Autopilot dashboard
  2. 2.
    Keyword Injection Indicators: While reviewing your listing recommendations, look for the Keyword Injection Indicators. These will show you exactly where each keyword has been placed within your listing