Connecting to Shopify Accounts

Details on how to connect your Shopify store to Autopilot

Beta Program: For select users we have opened the ability to connect their Shopify store. If you are interested in joining the beta program, please contact us at

As part of the beta user program you will be among the first to get access to new Shopify visualizations - this starts with various sales insights around your Shopify activities in addition to Amazon and will expand to various operational & financial metrics over time.

To get access to Shopify metrics in your Autopilot app you will need to complete a few quick steps.

1. Create a custom Shopify app

You need to create an app with the respective scope and then use this token for the setup in your Autopilot account. The following lays out the core steps. You can find Shopify's detailed documentation on the setup here.

Enable custom app development

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. Click Develop apps.

  3. Click Allow custom app development.

  4. Read the warning and information provided, and then click Allow custom app development.

Create the app

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. Click Develop apps.

  3. Click Create a custom app.

  4. In the modal window, enter the App name and select an App developer. The app developer can be the store owner, or any staff or collaborator account with the Develop apps permission.

  5. Click Create app.

Set the scope as: read_orders, read_customers

  1. You need to have a staff or collaborator account to set these permissions

  2. Click Select scopes.

  3. In the Admin API access scopes section, select the API scopes that you to assign to the app → select: read_orders and read_customers.

  4. Click Save.

Install the app & get the token

  1. Click Install app.

  2. In the modal window, click Install app.

  3. Get the access token by clicking on Reveal token once - you will need this in the next steps.

2. In Autopilot, add your Shopify store

Select Shopify in the Data Services dropdown

  • The Data Services section can be found on the Settings page

  • Click on Shopify and Connect to move on to entering your Shopify store name

Enter your store name and token

  • Enter your store name and token, click submit and the information will securely be passed to Autopilot

  • During the beta program, each seller account is limited to one Shopify store

3. Completing your setup

As part of the beta program we will complete your account setup. We will be in touch once your data is ready to use.

For details on how to revoke access, see the following page.

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