Listing Performance Screen

The Listing Performance screen is where you can view Listing Performance KPIs, run Listing Optimizations and view the Product Performance Graph.

The screen can be accessed by clicking on Optimize Now from the Top Listing Optimization Opportunity component, from relevant Product Listing alerts in the Alerts & Recommendations component or for any of your products from the Products page.

Listing Performance KPIs

The KPI 4 cards at the top of the screen display listing performance KPI trends at a glance (Page Views, Conversion Rate, Units Sold) and the current product Listing Strength score, which is based on factors such as space and keyword utilization potential across the listing elements (Title, Bullet Points, Description, Search Terms).

Listing Optimization

Allows you to generate, review and submit listing optimizations as outlined in the Autopilot Listing Optimization section.

Autopilot Update History

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Product Performance Graph

Shows the performance of a specific product over time, on a given marketplace, by surfacing the following metrics:

  • Product Conversion Rate: the conversion rate on Amazon is defined as the Unit Session Percentage on Amazon (Units Sold / Sessions *100), the closest proxy to classic ecommerce conversion rates, in line with Amazon's reporting

  • Category Benchmark Conversion Rate: daily benchmark conversion rate for the category that the product belongs to, more details

  • Comparable metrics: you can switch between Units Sold, Sessions, Page Views and the Buy-Box Rate for the third metric, aligned with the right Y Axis. Please see the Glossary for Product Performance metric definitions

The graph also flags Listing Updates in that period, with details shown on hover about which elemant was updated, allowing you to track the impact of changes implemented.

The performance tracking data may lag by 2 or 3 days due to frequency of updates from Amazon. The category benchmarks may also not be available for specific category and marketplace combinations.

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