Uploading CoGS Data

Details on how to upload your Cost of Goods Sold data

Interested in enabling this feature? Please contact: support@autopilotbrand.com

Landed Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS) Component

  • The Landed Cost of Goods Sold component can be found on the Settings page for both sellers and aggregators

  • From here, you can enter the upload process by clicking on the button as indicated below

  • You can also access two reports once the initial data processing and CoGS upload is complete

    • All SKUs and Uploaded CoGS report: overview of all SKUs we have tracked and the CoGS values for those that have been uploaded previously

    • Missing SKUs report: overview of only the SKUs that are missing CoGS data

CoGS Upload Requirements

  • Three columns are required for a successful CoGS upload - SKU, Landed Cost of Goods Sold, Currency. These should represent the latest total costs for the sellers SKUs and also include inactive SKUs that were sold historically

  • The data can be uploaded via a file that contains the data or can be manually pasted into the 3 columns shown in the screenshot

  • Typically, the file upload option is chosen as sellers can use spreadsheets exported from commonly used tools such as Sellerboard.

Please note: uploading CoGS for SKUs that had received CoGS data in the past will always overwrite the previous CoGS data

CoGS Upload: File Upload, Column Matching

  • After uploading the file, confirm which columns in their spreadsheet should map to the SKU, Landed Cost of Goods Sold and Currency

  • If the currency is not included in the spreadsheet, it can be added manually in the next step

CoGS Upload: Editing on the Fly

  • Once the columns from the spreadsheet are mapped, any missing data will be highlighted and can be added manually by the user as they would in a spreadsheet

  • For example, the seller's spreadsheet will often not include the currency code by default. Sellers can simply click into the currency field, choose the relevant currency from the list and then double click in the bottom right corner of the field to apply it to all

CoGS Upload: Confirmation

  • Once you have completed the spreadsheet upload and editing, you can finalize the submission by clicking on Continue

  • Any incomplete data that is not actually required can be discarded at this stage and the total amount of SKUs uploaded will be confirmed

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