Weekly Insights

Ready for your Weekly Business Review

Weekly Insights page lets you kick off your week in style - flowing from Weekly Trends section, to the the Weekly Financial Performance Graph and finally the Weekly Profit & Loss Statement to easily understand the trends you and your team need to be aware of.

Product, brand and/or marketplace level filters can be applied to the whole page. You will therefore be able to filter by one or many ASINs, different brands or Amazon marketplaces and will even be able to combine the filters to enable more powerful options for diving deeper into your performance data.

Details and definitions of metrics shown across the page can be found on our Glossary page.

  • Week on Week tracking of core KPIs from Amazon Seller Central and Advertising performance

Weekly Financial Performance Graph

  • Includes a 6 week visual breakdown of the core financials (Net Sales, CM1-CM3), overlayed by comparable metrics such as Units Sold and Advertising Spend

Weekly Profit & Loss Statement

  • Allows you to go to the next level in your weekly business review, digging into the key line-items such as FBA or Advertising fees and analyzing their impact on your bottom-line

  • Includes columns for the last 6 weeks, Week on Week, the Trailing 6 Week Average and totals for the last 3 months

  • See the Profit & Loss Statement page for an overview of all the many costs and fee types that roll-up into the line-items shown in the P&L

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