Child ASIN Optimizations

Optimize Specific Child ASIN Listings

A Child ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) refers to individual product variants under a Parent ASIN. For example, a specific color and size of a T-shirt will have its own Child ASIN.

The Child ASIN Listing Optimization feature recommends changes across the following listing elements of a child ASIN:

  • Title: Tailor titles for each variant.

  • Bullet Points: Create compelling bullet points specific to each Child ASIN.

  • Description: Optimize descriptions to feature variant-specific attributes.

  • Search Terms: Customize search terms to improve discoverability.

How to Use

  1. Click Optimize on the child Child ASIN level within the Top Listing Opportunities component or click on any Child ASIN on the Products page

  2. Generate and Review/Edit the Recommendations

  3. Submit changes directly to Amazon

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